Lorraine Dallmeier is an experienced public speaker. She has stood on many stages all over the world and taken part on hundreds of webinar platforms in the cosmetics industry and business world, as well as hosting her own successful live conference for four years running when she was up on stage for days at a time. Given her speaking experience, Lorraine is also regularly asked to host and moderate panels and discussion forums. 

Lorraine’s story has the power to motivate, inspire and teach people how they too can start and run a successful online business. She loves sharing her experiences and views of running a successful and sustainable business.

If you would like to book Lorraine to speak at your live or online event, please get in touch with the Formula Botanica team at hello@formulabotanica.com, introducing your event and how you think Lorraine would be the right fit.

Key topics that Lorraine loves speaking about include:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Digital marketing
  • Sustainable business
  • Green beauty
  • Leadership
  • Female empowerment


Lorraine Dallmeier
Lorraine Dallmeier
Lorraine Dallmeier